What our traders have to say...

Lev Jampolsky - Montreal, Canada

I got involved in a Meetup group in Montreal (which is fantastic as well, by the way) and I asked the founder of that group to mentor me. That’s when he referred me to a man I’ve come to know as Ken Medanic. He was giving a presentation concerning NeuroTrader and I decided to tune in.  I joined the 6 months intensive program at NeuroTrader, that I graduated from and I have learned to take total responsibility for what happens to my trades. It’s not the market’s fault, it’s not the market maker’s fault, it’s not the internet connection’s fault. That idea of being a victim to the markets and the self-deception that it entails I finally let go. It was me, myself and I.  Most importantly, I have learned to the best of my ability to remain calm and composed under pressure and not act impulsively. In those 6 months, I performed successfully with a 68% winning rate, one trade per session and a 1:1 reward to risk ratio trading the EURUSD. I was profitable again since forever.  To close this testimonial off, I want to thank you if you have read this far, it means a lot to me. Trading is one of the most difficult professions in the world, but also one of the few professions in the world that allows such an unmatched lifestyle-work balance.

Derek Pell, Bristol, England

I have been trading for nearly four years, and still have problems staying consistently profitable. I have recently began mentoring with Ken Medanic on his free mentoring program. Ken’s approach to the financial markets are different to almost every trader I know, including those that have struggled with consistence like myself. What I am discovering with each mentoring session is that the problem is not with my system/method, it is all psychologically based, like focusing on a good returns in my equity curb rather than focusing on perfecting trade execution. There are many pitfalls in trading, and one by one the mentoring program is helping me to identify them. The mentoring process is easy too. Just take a trade a day. Record the relevant information in the spreadsheet that tracks our progress. Take a couple of screenshots of what you are trading, then send it over to Ken. Little by little this communication is moving my trading in the right direction. I feel I am well on my way to achieving consistency.