Your competitive advantage

"Out with the old..."

Conventional trading platforms along with algorithmic trading has been with us as an applied technology and methodology in the financial markets since the early 70's with the introduction of computers.

Over the course of the last 40 years the use of algorithmic/automated trading has increased whilst its' effectiveness has decreased as traders quickly adopt the same conditional statements/algorithms. 

These inefficiencies have necessitated the concept of "speed to market" as the only remaining bastion of competitive advantage, yet with fiber optic connectivity and high powered processors available to the general trading public this too has lost it's effect.

"in with the new."

Human peak performance is the new frontier and competitive advantage for every trader, whether institutional or retail. 

A technology that offers everyone the ability to trade at their very best. 

Do you suffer from performance anxiety? Do you sometimes find it difficult to "pull the trigger"? Do you take profits too early? Are you afraid to take a loss? 

We are offering you the unique ability to monitor your biological responses to the markets, evaluate your stress response and train to achieve higher states of performance, just like any world-class athlete. 

The future of trading...

NeuroTrader is a solution at the very cutting-edge of behavioral finance. Processing the quantified biological data of the trader using a wearable device we provide real-time feedback and analysis on performance. 

By mitigating financial risk as a factor of human risk we are bringing to market a paradigm-shifting method of risk management and portfolio management, which taps into and harnesses the unlimited potential of the human-being.

We invite you to join us as we change the way the world trades. 


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