Peak Performance Mentoring Program

NeuroTrader Mentoring

There are two stages in the NeuroTrader mentorship program.

Stage 1.

The first stage is an exercise in simple qualitative trade analysis and runs for two months. This stage is about beginning to understand why we are choosing the trades we do? Why we are entering when we do? And why we are exiting trades when we do? Trading is all about our individual choices as you very well know, so by understanding our choices we can begin to change them.

Stage 2.

This stage commences in month 3 and we suppliment our qualitative trade analysis from Stage 1. with the introduction of a wearable device to commence the understanding of how important heart rate, perspiration, temperature and breathing is in developing states of optimal decision making.

On-line program.

Our NeuroTrader mentoring program is held in a virtual room so as to make available the program to all traders world-wide.


We hold weekly webinars on subjects relating to the science of peak performance trading and optimal decision making.