About our on-line hedge fund


Dear trader, as a leading innovator in the field of behavioral finance and applied technologies for financial market traders and fund managers we recently initiated the development of the first online hedge fund for retail traders world-wide.  

If you would like to take your trading to the next level and benefit from the same level of institutional support that is offered by investment banks and hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs and Blackrock send us an email for more information.  

We are looking for committed individuals that want to succeed and become consistently profitable traders. People who enjoy the freedom of trading remotely and also see the need for structure and the support that comes with professional back-office systems to compete with the world's best and gain a competitive advantage.

What does it take?

Your current level of experience is not a prerequisite. 

We are looking for the three most important requirements: (1) commitment (2) dedication, all else can be learnt. 

Inclusion into fund is a two-part process: 

• Firstly we monitor your trading performance, giving free training where necessary (usually trakes 3 - 6 months). 

• Secondly, we integrate your trading into our back-office systems.

The offer

What is the catch? 

Given that you will be trading our capital we charge a 15% performance fee on your net trading profits each month. 

* We do not take commision on trades nor do we get rebates from brokerages, we also do not charge for coaching.  

So, if you are a retail trader who would like to go pro, earn a living from trading and gain financial independence join us as we expand our trading operations by clicking on the below link or sending an email to kkm@neurotrader.ch   

Kind regards, 

Ken Medanic