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International Presentations

London Investor Symposium - The May Fair Hotel

Wednesday the 21st of November 2018

Behind the scenes with NeuroTrader, 

The May Fair Hotel, London, 2018

London Investor Symposium - Article

 NeuroTrader: Harnessing biodata to optimise real-time trading performance.

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London Investor Symposium - Interview

This is an interview with Cassiopeia Ltd, a leading investor relations firm based in London (13th of November 2018).

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Guest lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology, held at their Dubrovnik campus for computer science students. The lecture was streamed live to their Zagreb campus allowing for the participation of their international business students. The topic: "Paradigm-shifting the financial markets using biodata and machine learning".

Dubrovnik Development Office

Presenting NeuroTrader as a solution for successful Cryptocurrency and FOREX trading.

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10th Annual International China Hedge Fund Summit, Shanghai

Ken Medanic was a panelist on the subject of "artificial intelligence and it's impact on financial market trading and fund management" at China's most prestigious industry-only event. 

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The new trading frontier, Montreal, Canada

Demonstrating the psychophysiology of trading to members of the Montreal Traders' Meetup.

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Canadian Annual Derivatives Conference - 2016, Quebec City, Canada

NeuroTrader was a sponsor and exhibitor at Canada's Annual Derivatives Conference.

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