An Institutional Advantage

An unfair advantage

The strength of any organization lies in its' people. 

The ability of your traders to perform at a peak level consistently whilst conducting complex intellectual tasks and executing financial market decisions in a timely and responsive manner has a direct impact on your company's profitability. 

Whilst other firms focus solely on technology as their answer to success, take the unfair advantage and invest in optimizing the decision-making performance of your traders and fund managers. 

Building a peak performance team

Human peak performance is the new frontier as institutions compete with one another to attract capital flows and investor contributions.

Your team performs day-in, day-out in the most competitive arena in the world, the financial markets. The inherent volatility of the markets creates pressure/stress which has an impact on their performance. 

Stress is made most apparent through our biology as seen for instance in the way it affects our heart rate.

The biological state of your team to perform at their best consistently is the very cornerstone of your success. 

The future of fund management...

How do you currently measure the fatigue of your team members as it affects their decision-making performance? 

How responsive are you as they fluctuate from optimal to sub-optimal performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? 


What systems does your organization have in place to manage their performance and biological state of readiness?

With NeuroTrader we are able to monitor the biological responses of your team in real-time in the service of managing, hence optimizing their performance and create stable, consistent rates of return as a function of consistent human performance. Where performance is measured, monitored and managed.

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