Your competitive advantage

"Out with the old..."

Algorithmic trading has been with us as an applied technology and methodology in the financial markets since the early 70's with the introduction of computers.

Over the course of the last 40 years the benefits of using algorithmic trading have decreased as other traders quickly incorporate the same algorithms and decrease their efficiency. 

These inefficiencies have necessitated the concept of "speed to market" as the only remaining bastion of competitive advantage.

"in with the new."

Our research provides for a composite of hardware and software products, at the very cutting-edge of behavioral finance which processes the quantified biological data of the trader allowing us to create uniquely efficient and individualized biological trading tools, as a means of providing real-time feedback on performance during trading tasks. 

Fortune favors the bold

We invite you to join us as we develop relationships with financial institutions and individual traders globally that see the future and impact that wearable technology will play in mitigating financial risk as a factor of human risk bringing to market a paradigm-shifting method of risk management and portfolio management, which taps into and harnesses the unlimited potential of the human-being.