The science of optimal decision making


My name is Ken Medanić, I started to trade the financial markets in 1998 whilst doing my MBA with Southern Cross University in Australia.  

In 2009, I commenced a privately funded research project into the biological and neurological responses of the human body whilst trading the financial markets.

Since that time, with my wife, Dr. Michelle Medanić (PhD in clinical psychology), we have developed a suite of software applications to enhance the decision-making effectiveness of the trader through the use of wearable technology.

Wearable technolgy

By monitoring the trader in real-time we provide the unique opportunity to effectively mitigate risk and optimize market gains as a function of their biological responses to price and market sentiment. 

Our NeuroEdge wearable device monitors the trader's heart rate, temperature and skin conductance. The biodata is streamed to our servers for analysis and sent back to inform the trader of their biological state of readiness. 

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A paradigm shift

Financial losses are a consequence of fear, trepidation and anxiety, which have specific biological symptoms. Financial gains on the other hand, are a result of clarity and optimism which also have specific biological symptoms, better known as “biomarkers”. 

By being able to discern between the two states of human performance, we can mitigate trades based upon the biological state of the trader, thereby providing an advanced risk-management tool for every trader and institution.