Dear guest, with the following testimonials we want to share with you the truth about NeuroTrader, the power of this patent-pending technology to consistently create profitable/peak performing traders.

The testimonials listed below, have been organized into the current year and 2019.

Those under 2020 are from traders that are in our Select Program. These individuals have been with NeuroTrader since January 2019 and will be trading for our hedge fund.

The testimonials under 2019 represent the 6-month review that we requested from each trader back in May of 2019. The purpose, was to gain insight into the effect the pilot program was having on each trader’s development toward becoming a profitable trader.

The pilot program that NeuroTrader (Pelican Technologies Pty Ltd) administered with the help of Mr. Chris Capre of 2nd Skies Forex was done through a joint-venture agreement. A simple 6-month contract, where we provided the technology and all course content and Mr. Capre would market it to his list of subscribers. By march of 2019 it became clear to us that we would not be extending/renewing our contract with Mr. Capre, regardless of his numerous requests and threats, the differences in our understanding of the financial markets, corporate governance and most importantly how to train traders were too significant to warrant further joint-cooperation. In response, Mr. Capre took to the internet with a group of his followers in a defamatory campaign against us.

Fortunately, the trading results of our traders speak louder than “trash talk” on the internet.

Note: Neither Pelican Technologies nor NeuroTrader has ever refunded any monies to any individuals. It seems that some of the pilot program participants have under the guidance and “coaching” of Mr. Capre received refunds from their credit card issuers under false pretenses resulting in credit card fraud. We will be working with these financial institutions and local authorities supplying all written correspondence and legal contracts in an effort for the credit card issuers to recoup their monies.