Technology at the very cutting-edge of behavioral finance.

NeuroTrader, an innovative technology that enhances the effectiveness of the trader and investor in real-time trading.

Our patent-pending technology, is founded on 12 years of research and development and applies peak performance protocols used by the world’s top athletes to investing and trading. We call it the science of optimal decision-making.

We train our traders to achieve peak states of mental performance using a wearable device that collects biodata which is streamed to our servers for analysis and sent back informing the trader of their biological state of readiness. NeuroTrader combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with human interaction to provide an advanced risk-management tool for every trader and institution.

A solution at the very cutting-edge of behavioral finance.

Wearable tech

The NeuroEdge wearable device is a four-channel, wireless, medical-grade, biological data acquisition device. The biodata is streamed to our servers for analysis, then sent back to you, informing you of your body’s reactions and responses to the trade in real-time.


As traders, our bodies respond – almost predictably – to the trade we’re about to make. For instance, our heart rate, temperature, skin conductivity and many other processes vary in response to those critical decisions.

Risk management

With NeuroTrader we are able to measure the biological responses of traders in real-time, monitor their stress response and mitigate trades that have a high probability of producing a loss.